July 3, 2024

From Experiment to Essential: UFI’s AI Journey Across Continents

The Genesis: UFI Asia Pacific Conference in Macau

In March 2024, the UFI Asia Pacific Conference in Macau marked the beginning of a transformative journey. UFI introduced Snapsight, an AI-powered insights tool developed by Gevme, to enhance the attendee experience. This conference, organized by the Macau Fair & Trade Association, attracted nearly 300 delegates from 20 countries and regions, setting the stage for AI integration in UFI events.

The European Leap: AI Takes Center Stage

Fast forward to June 2024, and the UFI European Conference in Zurich demonstrated how Snapsight had evolved from a novel addition to an integral component of UFI events. What was once an experiment has now become a standard feature, seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the conference.

Event Overview :

  • Hosted by MCH Group at Messe Z├╝rich
  • Brought together 300 delegates
  • Represented 41 countries and regions
  • Explored 5 key industry trends: customer focus, reinforcing identity, industry consolidation & new players, AI, and climate crisis
  • Featured a keynote presentation on global economic perspective by Stephane Garelli, renowned economist and former managing director of the World Economic Forum

Behind the Scenes: Simplicity Meets Sophistication

Intuitive Setup: A Testament to User-Friendliness

One of the most remarkable aspects of this year’s implementation was the intuitive nature of Snapsight’s setup. The UFI tech team, impressed by the platform’s user-friendly interface, took the initiative to incorporate Snapsight’s key takeaways into the mobile application themselves. This not only streamlined the process but also demonstrated the platform’s ease of use, even for those not directly involved in its development.

No-Code, No-Fuss Integration

The mobile app integration was achieved without any coding or complex technical procedures. This “no code, no tech integration” approach allowed for a swift and hassle-free implementation, saving valuable time and resources.

AI as the Co-Host: A New Era of Event Management

Snapsight has seamlessly become part of UFI’s event programming and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Its real-time insights complemented the diverse program, which included main-stage sessions, breakout discussions, and specialized summits like the Event Director Summit.

The Organizer Experience: In Their Own Words

The integration of Snapsight into the UFI European Conference received positive feedback from both organizers and attendees. Nick Dugdale-Moore, Regional Director – Europe at UFI, shared his experience:

“I was very happy to introduce Snapsight into the European Conference. It was really easy to integrate into our mobile app which I think made all the difference. As opposed to delegates having to navigate to a separate platform, they could check out the highlights instantly in the app. The onsite team were very professional and made my job onstage easy.”

The Ripple Effect: Insights Beyond the Event

The post-event report generated by Snapsight has become a valuable tool for UFI’s strategic planning. It provides deep insights into session key takeaways and sentiment analysis, complementing UFI’s commitment to making all sessions available for members and conference participants.

Looking Ahead: The Future of AI in Exhibitions

As UFI continues to pioneer the integration of AI in the exhibition industry, its partnership with Gevme and Snapsight stands as a clear example of the power of innovation. The journey from the Asia Pacific to the European conference demonstrates not just the adoption of technology, but a fundamental shift in how events are experienced and managed.