May 12, 2024

UFI Pioneers Real-Time Insights at Asia Pacific Conference

The UFI Asia Pacific Conference, a biennial event that brings together exhibition industry professionals from across the region, took place in Macao, China, on March 7th, 2024. Organized by the Macau Fair & Trade Association, the conference attracted nearly 300 delegates from 20 countries and regions, including representatives from Macao’s exhibition scene, members of international organizations, and industry leaders.


UFI: A Forward-Thinking Industry Leader

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, is known for their innovative approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the events space. They have a reputation for delivering engaging and informative conferences that provide attendees with new ideas and insights.

Enhancing the Attendee Experience with Real-Time Insights

During the first session of the day, attendees noticed a large screen on the right side of the stage displaying a colorful word cloud, with key phrases and concepts popping up in real-time as the speakers began their discussion. This was Snapsight, an AI-powered platform developed by Gevme, designed to transform the way attendees engage with the content being presented.

As the session progressed, the word cloud evolved, highlighting the main points and takeaways from the speakers’ remarks. This real-time summary allowed attendees to follow along and grasp the key concepts even if they missed a point or two.

A Game-Changer for Attendees

Many attendees found the live display of insights to be a game-changer. Riley Cahill, Business Strategy Manager at August Robotics, shared his thoughts: “I was impressed by the capabilities of the technology during the live demonstration – in particular how quickly the model was able to form an understanding of and summarize the key points the speakers were referring to.”

Throughout the conference, attendees discussed how the real-time insights enhanced their learning experience, helping them stay engaged and retain more of the valuable knowledge being shared.

Behind the Scenes: A Seamless Integration

The partnership between UFI and Gevme was crucial in delivering this innovative experience. The onsite Gevme team played a vital role in ensuring a smooth integration. “The onsite Gevme team was very supportive, and they provided professional solutions to speedily sort out the pixel issue of how to fit the AI contents with our existing built-up LCD screen,” praised one of the event organizers.

The organizers were also impressed by Snapsight’s ability to quickly capture keywords from the speaking sessions and generate real-time headlines that were easily accessible by scanning a QR code.

“The Gevme system can quickly capture the keywords from the speaking session, generated real-time headlines for the sessions, and easily to access from scanning the QR code provided,” they noted.

Another feature that stood out was the wide range of languages available for delegates to choose from.

It’s good to see that there is a wide range of different languages for delegates to choose (from a full down menu), and all the contents generated by Gevme can be then translated to the selected language in just a few seconds,” the organizers commented.

We did encounter a small hiccup when the system momentarily struggled with a fast-paced speaker. However, it reinforced the collaborative spirit of this project, as we worked with Gevme to quickly adapt.” – UFI Organizer

A Blueprint for the Future of Events

The integration of real-time insights at the UFI Asia Pacific Conference 2024 was a success, with attendees leaving the event with new knowledge, ideas, and an appreciation for the power of technology to enhance the learning experience.
For UFI, the success of Snapsight at this conference serves as a blueprint for the future of events, one that they can build upon and refine in the years to come. The events industry as a whole has seen the potential of integrating real-time insights and other cutting-edge technologies to deliver value to its audience.