May 12, 2024

ASAE’s AI Summit: Empowering Associations with Insights

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) hosted its inaugural AI Summit on January 30–31, 2024. This virtual event brought together over 500 association executives and industry partners to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the association and nonprofit sector.

Enhancing the Virtual Experience with Real-Time Insights

ASAE designed the two-day event to feature a content-rich agenda, including keynote sessions and a groundbreaking survey on AI Adoption in Associations.

They partnered with Snapsight, an AI-powered platform, to provide real-time insights and summaries at the end of each session. Attendees praised the concise and actionable takeaways, which helped them retain key information and apply it to their own organizations.

Presenting Actionable Insights in Record Time

On Day 1 of the AI Summit, ASAE conducted a comprehensive survey to gauge the challenges, opportunities, and sentiment surrounding AI adoption in associations. The Snapsight team quickly analyzed the survey results using their advanced AI platform, generating a detailed report that provided invaluable insights.

Thanks to the speed and accuracy of Snapsight’s analysis, the ASAE team was able to present the survey findings during the opening keynote on Day 2. This timely presentation enriched the overall discourse and provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of AI adoption in the association industry.

An ASAE representative noted, “The ability to present such in-depth insights from our survey in less than 24 hours was unprecedented. Snapsight’s AI-powered analysis allowed us to deliver immense value to our attendees and set the stage for meaningful discussions throughout the summit.”

Diving Deep: AI Adoption Survey and Analysis

To ensure that the valuable insights from the AI Summit had a lasting impact, ASAE published the complete survey report post-event. This detailed document served as a reference for attendees, allowing them to revisit the session content and explore the survey findings at their own pace.

The report highlighted the key challenges and opportunities identified by the survey respondents and included a sentiment analysis broken down by topic and job function. This granular analysis allowed ASAE to better understand the needs and concerns of its diverse membership.

The report became a valuable resource for association professionals seeking to understand the landscape of AI adoption and its potential impact on their organizations. It also showcased ASAE’s commitment to providing its members with the most up-to-date and relevant information in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Leading the Way in AI Adoption

The success of ASAE’s AI Summit and the seamless integration of Snapsight’s real-time insights and analysis demonstrate the power of leveraging AI to deliver engaging and informative experiences, even in a remote setting.

As associations continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, ASAE’s pioneering approach serves as an inspiration for organizations looking to empower their members with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.