June 21, 2024

WiT Japan & North Asia 2024: Elevating Event Experiences through AI-Powered Insights

WiT (Web in Travel) Japan & North Asia has consistently been at the forefront of showcasing innovative solutions and facilitating meaningful discussions. The 2024 edition of this leading travel technology conference, held in Tokyo, was no exception.

This year’s event, themed “The Human Revolution,” masterfully blended cutting-edge technology with the irreplaceable human elements of creativity, empathy, and diverse perspectives. The conference aimed to equip travel professionals with the tools to harness technology for positive impact while celebrating the unique qualities that make us human.

Seamless Integration of Snapsight

One of the standout features of WiT Japan & North Asia 2024 was the seamless integration of Snapsight, an AI-powered content insights tool developed by Gevme. The event organizers successfully implemented Snapsight within a week, thanks to the dedication and expertise of Gerry Pang, who single-handedly managed the AV, setup, and the platform integration.

Gerry Pang’s testimonial speaks volumes about Snapsight’s user-friendly design:

“The setup process was super easy and straightforward. Also depends on the complexity of the programme and format, it is by far the easiest tool to setup and produce. Running sessions was a breeze. Breath of fresh air and such a pleasant experience to execute something so easily and smoothly yet being able to engage with attendees by leaps and bounds.”

Elevating the Attendee Experience to New Heights

The seamless integration of Snapsight not only elevated the attendee experience but also positioned WiT Japan & North Asia 2024 as a trailblazer in delivering high-tech content value. Attendees were impressed by the tool’s capabilities, sparking conversations and generating demand for similar solutions in their own events and projects.

One of Snapsight’s most impressive features was its ability to provide real-time insights and summaries. This empowered attendees to immerse themselves fully in the discussions without the distraction of constant note-taking, leading to unprecedented levels of engagement and presence during sessions. Gerry Pang observed:

“Attendees referred to the insights after sessions, to prepare their reports and shared with colleagues.”

A Game-Changer from the Organizer's Perspective

From an organizer’s standpoint, Snapsight proved to be an invaluable asset. Gerry Pang enthusiastically noted,

“From an editorial POV, Snapsight helps considerably with note-taking and summaries, helping media generate more articles post-event – good tool for post-event coverage.”

The Future of AI in Event Management

As we look to the future, the role of AI-powered tools like Snapsight in the travel industry is set to become increasingly pivotal. Gerry Pang’s prediction is both exciting and thought-provoking: “AI will play an increasingly important role. It will become an integral part of every event’s hygiene and standard operating procedure.”

Snapsight is poised to become an integral component of event planning and execution. By leveraging AI to enhance attendee engagement, facilitate knowledge sharing, and generate valuable insights for post-event coverage, event organizers can craft experiences that are not only more impactful and memorable but also more efficient and data-driven.