May 21, 2024

The Meetings Show APAC: Revolutionizing Event Experiences with Real-Time Insights

The inaugural Meetings Show APAC, held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on April 17-18, marked a significant milestone in the events industry. Northstar Travels, the organizers behind this groundbreaking tradeshow, aimed to create an immersive and engaging experience for attendees, and they achieved just that by partnering with Gevme to integrate their cutting-edge Snapsight technology.

Seamless Integration and Real-Time Insights

Across the 23 sessions held on the main stage, Snapsight seamlessly captured real-time audio without any extra setup, generating key takeaways and idea clouds that encapsulated the essence of each presentation. This innovative approach allowed attendees to stay engaged and focused on the content, knowing that they could easily access the main points later on.

David Blansfield, Executive Vice President and Group Publisher at Northstar Travels, praised the technology, stating, “It was absolutely just a highlight of the show because we were able to immediately flash all the key takeaways and word clouds from the session that had just happened, everyone was able to just kind of use a QR code and then and have on their phone on a real-time basis.”

Enhancing the Attendee Experience

What set The Meetings Show APAC apart was how Northstar Travels incorporated Snapsight into the programming itself. The host or MC would highlight the key takeaways at the end of each session, encouraging attendees to scan the QR code to access the insights. This led to engaging discussions and discourse around the generated takeaways, further enhancing the overall attendee experience. James Lancaster, AMI Editor & Editorial Director at Northstar Meetings Group – UK, shared his enthusiasm for the technology, saying, “It takes content live, listens to the content on stage and produces real-time takeaways, wonderful synopses. And, you know, stuff that attendees can use. They can take the content, and it’s all been packaged up beautifully with subheads, neat paragraphs. The technology is amazing, and I highly recommend you use it.”

Extending the Reach Beyond the Event

Northstar Travels recognized the value of the insights generated by Snapsight not only for the in-person attendees but also for the wider community they serve. After the event, they collaborated with Gevme to create a detailed insights report, which they shared via their newsletter. In the email, Northstar Travels highlighted the significance of the Snapsight-generated summary, stating, “The content of this ‘white paper’ demonstrates the promise of our future as MICE industry professionals in the APAC region. The seemingly effortless way in which the show’s content is summarized and delivered provides a real-world example of the region’s influence in providing next-generation solutions for the many challenges (and opportunities!) we face.” By sharing the insights report with their entire community, Northstar Travels extended the reach and impact of the event, providing valuable knowledge to those who couldn’t attend in person.

Setting a New Standard for Event Technology

The successful integration of Snapsight at The Meetings Show APAC showcased the immense potential of AI-powered tools in revolutionizing the events industry. The real-time insights and engaging discussions generated by the technology set a new standard for what attendees can expect from future events. As David Blansfield noted, “Not only was it a value add for the experience in person but as a media provider, one who obviously cares for the community that we serve at large, we are taking that content. We are serving that content in a white paper format to all the members of a community who couldn’t attend in person.”

The Future of Events in APAC

The Meetings Show APAC not only provided a platform for industry professionals to connect and learn but also demonstrated the region’s leadership in adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance event experiences. As the MICE industry continues to evolve, the success of Snapsight at this event serves as an inspiration for organizers looking to leverage AI-powered tools to create more engaging and impactful events. With forward-thinking companies like Northstar Travels and Gevme leading the charge, the future of events in the APAC region looks brighter than ever. The seamless integration of real-time insights and the ability to extend the reach of valuable content beyond the event itself have set a new benchmark for what