May 12, 2024

The Business of Events: Unbound and Empowered by AI-Driven Insights

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) recently hosted “The Business of Events” conference, an immersive gathering that brought together industry professionals to explore the latest trends and innovations in the events space. This year’s theme, “UNBOUND,” perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the event, encouraging attendees to unlearn, relearn, and embrace fresh perspectives that resonate with the ever-changing expectations of event participants.

Seamless Integration of Snapsight

To enhance the attendee experience and ensure that valuable insights from the conference were easily accessible, PCMA partnered with Gevme to integrate their cutting-edge Snapsight technology into the event. Snapsight, an AI-powered platform, captured real-time audio from the 20+ sessions across four stages and generated key takeaways and idea clouds for each session.

What set this integration apart was how seamlessly Snapsight was embedded into the event app. Attendees could easily access session-related takeaways with just a tap on their mobile devices. PCMA went the extra mile to ensure that attendees were aware of this feature, presenting clear instructions on how to access the takeaways within the app.

Enhancing Attendee Engagement

In addition to the in-app integration, PCMA also utilized Snapsight’s idea cloud feature to engage attendees during the sessions. The idea clouds, which visually represented the key concepts discussed, were flashed on the screens, encouraging attendees to scan the QR code and access the takeaways in real-time.
This innovative approach to audience engagement was well-received by attendees. Benjamin Cassim, a lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Wow, Snapsight. I think it’s an amazing tool. As a delegate, I’m listening to so many presentations, and yet here this is something that distills every single presentation almost in real-time. I definitely love the idea cloud because it really helps because it pulls up keywords and phrases which I can remember, and it becomes a repository and a real reference point.”

Breaking Language Barriers

One of the most impactful aspects of Snapsight’s integration was its ability to break language barriers and make the content more accessible to a diverse audience. Donna, an attendee shared her experience, saying, “I have difficulty with language. So with this, it’s very easy for me to understand because I’m using Snapsight all the way during the sessions. I will very clearly understand all the sessions.”

Simplifying Note-Taking and Knowledge Sharing

Snapsight’s real-time takeaways not only enhanced the attendee experience but also simplified the process of note-taking and knowledge sharing. El Kwang, the founder of BEAM Experience, noted, “This eliminates the need to take notes. When it comes to note-taking, that is so good because you can just highlight the notes or screenshot the notes and forward it to your team or anyone that you’d like to share those key takeaways with.”
In an age where conferences are packed with networking opportunities and various activities, having a tool like Snapsight helps attendees stay focused and retain the most important insights from each session.

Behind the Scenes: A Seamless Setup

While the attendee-facing features of Snapsight were impressive, the simplicity of the setup behind the scenes was equally remarkable. The Gevme team worked closely with PCMA to ensure a smooth integration of the technology into the event infrastructure.

The setup process was straightforward, with Snapsight’s audio capturing capabilities being easily integrated into the existing AV systems. The backstage area was equipped with monitors displaying the real-time transcription and idea clouds, allowing the event team to monitor the system’s performance throughout the conference.

The Future of Event Experiences

The successful integration of Snapsight at “The Business of Events” conference demonstrates the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing the event industry. By harnessing the power of real-time summarization, idea visualization, and multilingual support, PCMA has set a new standard for attendee engagement and knowledge sharing.